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  • Best037
    VEZ2901_W Hotfix V vest
  • VEZ2901_W Hotfix V vest

  • 1st place in the vest section! A must-have item! It’s comfortable and pretty~! L(66-77),XL(88),XXL(99)
    5 colors
  • 19.80 USD    14.70 USD



  • Best03
    HWB3007 Check-in Dog Common 5 Pants
  • HWB3007 Check-in Dog Common 5 Pants

  • 5-part homewear pants made of artificial dog material that can be worn comfortably for both men and women!
    5 colors
  • 9.90 USD    7.90 USD

  • Best03
    OUA2004_DC [MADE D] Fituru Maturu Jacket
  • OUA2004_DC [MADE D] Fituru Maturu Jacket

  • ♥ MADE outerwear that you will not regret owning in all colors ♥ A legend in sales of more than 2,000 pieces! Fituru Maturu Inter-Season Jacket L(66-77), XL(88), 2XL(99-100), 3XL(105)
    5 colors
  • 89.90 USD    57.70 USD





  • Best01
    [YY-UW043] New Lightless Panties
  • [YY-UW043] New Lightless Panties

  • Stable fit! Pretty Race key point!
    Panty that covers the hips enough to give a sense of comfort and stability
    (4 colors, 66-88)
  • 9.90 USD    5.00 USD
  • Best04
    [7Y-UW017] Soft tencel nashi
  • [7Y-UW017] Soft tencel nashi

  • Basic Nashi Item L(90), XL(95), XXL(100) that can feel excellent touch with Tencel material
    3 colors
  • 15.90 USD    10.90 USD
  • Best010
    YY-UW140 Cooling Tight Dog Pants
  • YY-UW140 Cooling Tight Dog Pants

  • A dog, a sense of closeness that becomes one with my body! Comfortable and cool artificial dog panties!
    2 colors
  • 9.90 USD    4.90 USD


  • Best09
    [YY-AC068] Daily Fake Socks
  • [YY-AC068] Daily Fake Socks

  • It does not easily peel off with heel rubber banding treatment ~ Fake socks are good to wear as a daily basis!
    (4 colors)
  • 2.00 USD    1.40 USD