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  • Best017
    [YY-AC078] Deli melange long socks (5 sets)
  • [YY-AC078] Deli melange long socks (5 sets)

  • ♥ 5 piece set special discount ♥
    It is good to wear daily with a natural color feeling~

    Melange material with a Delicate atmosphere except for Black and White colors, ankle sock that is good for daily fashion
    (7 colors)
  • 14.90 USD    8.00 USD
    7.20 USD
  • Best019
    YY-AC290 Big Size Magic Stocking
  • YY-AC290 Big Size Magic Stocking

  • Complete the magical silhouette! If you try on it, you know it~ The line that holds it firmly
    The moment you wear it, I create a slim line
    (1 color)
  • 19.90 USD    12.30 USD
    11.07 USD
  • Best020
    YY-AC287 Flower Twill Socks
  • YY-AC287 Flower Twill Socks

  • These days, socks are the perfect key point! Please enjoy it in a trendy way~^^
    (5 colors)
  • 4.00 USD    2.00 USD
    1.80 USD
  • Best021
    YY-AC286 Golgi Simple Socks
  • YY-AC286 Golgi Simple Socks

  • The floor is thick so I love it so much~! GOOD as sports socks and mountaineering socks! These are rib line socks that you can enjoy every day!
    (6 colors)
  • 4.00 USD    2.80 USD
    2.52 USD
  • Best022
    YY-AC285 Basic Long Socks
  • YY-AC285 Basic Long Socks

  • These socks are recommended as a daily item and a must-have!
    I'll wrap you warmer with a long length -!

    5 colors
  • 3.20 USD    2.20 USD
    1.98 USD
  • Best024
    [YD-AC013] Deli knit long socks
  • [YD-AC013] Deli knit long socks

  • Ankle sock that is nice and warm to wear in winter with solid shibori ankle banding and knit weave
    8 colors
  • 3.50 USD    2.40 USD
    2.16 USD
  • Best027
    [YY-AC068] Daily Fake Socks
  • [YY-AC068] Daily Fake Socks

  • It does not easily peel off with heel rubber banding treatment ~ Fake socks are good to wear as a daily basis!
    (4 colors)
  • 2.00 USD    1.40 USD
    1.26 USD
  • Best028
    [YY-AC067] Silicone Banding Basic Slippers
  • [YY-AC067] Silicone Banding Basic Slippers

  • It is not inconvenient because it prevents peeling by inner silicone treatment. It is easy to wear because it is easy to absorb sweat with cotton material at the bottom. Slipper ~
    (Three colors)
  • 2.00 USD    1.50 USD
    1.35 USD
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