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  • Best026
    YY-BR077 Ferrose Cubic Brooch
  • YY-BR077 Ferrose Cubic Brooch

  • It is an item that can be matched anywhere with a reasonable size without burden.
    It's a brooch that will be a shiny point♥
    (3 colors)
  • 19.90 USD
  • Best028
    YY-BR074 Ciel Jewelry Square Brooch
  • YY-BR074 Ciel Jewelry Square Brooch

  • It is an item that you can enjoy daily without any burden because it is not large!
    Luxurious square brooch with various jewelry♥
    (2 colors)
  • 15.90 USD
  • Best038
    YY-BR064 Layer Clothespin Brooch
  • YY-BR064 Layer Clothespin Brooch

  • It's not common, so it's a brooch with more collectible value!
    Clothespin shape with feminine mood cubic brooch^^
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 21.90 USD
  • Best039
    YY-BR063 Opal Round Brooch
  • YY-BR063 Opal Round Brooch

  • A small, but big, circular brooch! It is good to match casually with a petit size!
    Petit brooch that will become a key point item!~^^
    (3 colors, 55-88)
  • 15.90 USD
  • Best044
    YY-AC253 Acrylic Leather Square Brooch
  • YY-AC253 Acrylic Leather Square Brooch

  • A highly practical item that can match anywhere from daily look to office look!
    It's a brooch that will save your style with a luxurious mood-!
    (3 colors)
  • 21.90 USD
  • Best063
    [6Y-BR003] Luxury Rose 3psbrooch
  • [6Y-BR003] Luxury Rose 3psbrooch

  • A bling-bling stone brings out a glamorous atmosphere with a line, a band type that is worn twice, and a point bracelet that combines elegance and comfort with magnet closure (one color)
  • 35.90 USD
  • Best065
    [5Y-AC057] Space pearl brooch
  • [5Y-AC057] Space pearl brooch

  • Stylish finish! Popular up!
    Delicate pearl light reminiscent of a black hole, charming brooch that emits a charming charm by radiating pearl charm (1 color)
  • 17.60 USD
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