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  • Best02
    OUA3032 Jekin see-through jacket
  • OUA3032 Jekin see-through jacket

  • (Black Label)
    A see-through jacket full of luxurious mood!

    From office look to guest look, don't worry about formal seats ♥
    (3 colors, 55-100)
  • 175.49 USD    87.74 USD
  • Best03
    OUA3030 Tope see-through lacquered jacket
  • OUA3030 Tope see-through lacquered jacket

  • (Black Label)
    Order rush! From office look to guest look, it's perfect for a formal place!

    Jacket full of Chic mood with see-through look design :)
    (5 colors, 55-100)
  • 76.73 USD
  • Best04
    OUA3027 Kidman Hooded Jacket
  • OUA3027 Kidman Hooded Jacket

  • (Black Label)
    Jacket full of sophistication~♥ High-quality design unique to Black Label!

    It is a wearable and detachable Hood Jacket~
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 210.72 USD    105.36 USD
  • Best05
    OUA3028 Raffinue Collar Jacket
  • OUA3028 Raffinue Collar Jacket

  • Order rush! It's cool and easy to wear ^^
    The check jacket you should have at least one ♥

    The luxurious hound tooth pattern is attractive~
    (1 color, 66-120)
  • 87.74 USD
  • Best07
    OUA3023 Monche Turn-Up Sleeve Jacket
  • OUA3023 Monche Turn-Up Sleeve Jacket

  • (Black label)
    The luxury of black label stands out♥

    Jacket with a sensational design with a turn-up sleeve:)
    (2 colors, 66-88)
  • 244.40 USD    122.20 USD
  • Best08
    OUA3022 Houghton Color Tape Jacket
  • OUA3022 Houghton Color Tape Jacket

  • (Black label)
    The quality has been improved with a meticulous finish!

    I put a sensational point with a color combination tape♥
    (3 colors, 77-99)
  • 197.50 USD    98.75 USD
  • Best09
    VEA3005 Flower Bidding Best
  • VEA3005 Flower Bidding Best

  • Flower beading Vest that you can't help but fall in love with once you wear it
    Stylishly with a luxurious flower beading point~
    (1 color, 66-120)
  • 61.32 USD
  • Best010
    OUA3021 Kennin See-through Jacket
  • OUA3021 Kennin See-through Jacket

  • From office look to guest look! With this jacket, you're done!
    Meet the See-through look Jacket full of sophistication♥
    (3 colors, 55-88)
  • 76.73 USD
  • Best011
    OUA3020 Muti Incision Line Jacket
  • OUA3020 Muti Incision Line Jacket

  • (Black Label)
    Order rush! Black Label's unique high-quality jacket ♥

    Graceful charm UP even if you wear only one~
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 219.52 USD    109.76 USD
  • Best014
    OUA3024 holder check collar jacket
  • OUA3024 holder check collar jacket

  • (Black Label)
    It's very popular! Jacket with bright color line points~

    Check out the check jacket that is easy to wear ♡
    (2 colors, 66-88)
  • 197.50 USD    98.75 USD
  • Best016
    OUA3019 Trew Zipper Jacket
  • OUA3019 Trew Zipper Jacket

  • This is the summer version of [OUZ1023 Dolce Rouge Trench Coat]♥
    Stylish Jacket:D with a sophisticated design
    (2 colors, 66-88)
  • 103.16 USD
  • Best017
    VEA3004 Allfer Tape Vest
  • VEA3004 Allfer Tape Vest

  • The moment you wear the Vest~, your style comes to life! Good to wear daily^^
    It is a stylish Vest with a sensational design!
    (1 color, 66-120)
  • 59.12 USD
  • Best019
    OUA3018 Jupel Silvering Jacket
  • OUA3018 Jupel Silvering Jacket

  • It is full of stylishness just by wearing it lightly~
    Introducing a jacket that stands out with a sensuous design♥
    (2 colors, 66-120)
  • 94.35 USD
  • Best022
    OUA3016 Javen Tailored Jacket
  • OUA3016 Javen Tailored Jacket

  • (Black label)
    It's a luxurious mood jacket!

    Introducing a high-quality collectible collar jacket :)
    (1 color, 66-88)
  • 257.61 USD    128.81 USD
  • Best023
    OUA3015 Petitzel Southern Jacket
  • OUA3015 Petitzel Southern Jacket

  • Orderup as soon as you upload it!
    Luxurious southern jacket with attractive back panel printing-!

    Like a southern jacket like a jacket! Chic Jacket of anti-war charm^^
    (2 colors, 66-100)
  • 78.94 USD
  • Best025
    OUA3014 Sleg Dangara Jacket
  • OUA3014 Sleg Dangara Jacket

  • (Black label)
    Order runaway! Jacket♥ full of sophistication with color combination Dangara pattern

    Soft See-through Look Jacket~Cool until summer~!
    (1 color, 66-99)
  • 197.50 USD    94.35 USD
  • Best026
    OUA3012 seersucker check jacket
  • OUA3012 seersucker check jacket

  • (Black label)
    A lightweight jacket made of sensuous glan check seersucker ♥

    Chic Black Label Jacket, perfect for point look ^^
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 257.61 USD    128.81 USD
  • Best027
    OUA3011 Deep Half Jacket
  • OUA3011 Deep Half Jacket

  • The summer version of [OUZ2013 Simple Jacket] that has been loved a lot!♥
    Full of stylishness at the moment of wearing with a modern design~
    (3 colors, 66-100)
  • 87.74 USD
  • Best028
    OUA3013 Flip Pocket Jacket
  • OUA3013 Flip Pocket Jacket

  • Like a shirt, like a jacket~ Chic formal Jacket♥
    A unique Shirt Jacket that can be produced in 2 way!
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 70.13 USD
  • Best029
    OUA3009 Nturong Jacket
  • OUA3009 Nturong Jacket

  • (Black label)
    Luxurious black label jacket that completes the neat look^^

    Jacket with the luxury of black label♥~
    (1 color, 66-99)
  • 241.54 USD    117.80 USD
  • Best030
    OUA3008 Luhan Printing Jacket
  • OUA3008 Luhan Printing Jacket

  • The color matching line is so cute! Perfect for Graceful Flower Points♥
    Light and reliable S/SJacket! We guarantee perfect utilization~
    (3 colors, 66-99)
  • 83.34 USD
  • Best031
    OUA3007 Videl Color Matching Jacket
  • OUA3007 Videl Color Matching Jacket

  • It's a nice jacket that you can wear lightly :D
    A sensuous jacket with a color combination design with a gentle high-pitched check!
    (1 color, 66-130)
  • 72.33 USD
  • Best035
    OUA3005 Wehin Silvering Jacket
  • OUA3005 Wehin Silvering Jacket

  • (Black label)
    S/SJacket ♥ containing the high quality of black label

    Light but strong Jacket! I put the Chic details~
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 279.63 USD    109.76 USD
  • Best036
    OUA3006 Bdin linen jacket
  • OUA3006 Bdin linen jacket

  • (Black label)
    Print* st luxury quality!
    S/S Jacket with a luxurious and dressy mood!

    Lightly with Linen blend! The style is UP with luxurious quality♥
    (2 colors, 66-88)
  • 1,085.50 USD    212.48 USD
  • Best037
    OUA3003 Carton Tailored Jacket
  • OUA3003 Carton Tailored Jacket

  • (Black label)
    Jacket with a stylish and luxurious fit with no clutter ^^

    It is a S/S Jacket that will show the quality of black label.
    (1 color, 66-99)
  • 235.60 USD    117.80 USD
  • Best038
    OUA3004 Shruncing Long Jacket
  • OUA3004 Shruncing Long Jacket

  • A must-have jacket that protects against the wind and the sun!
    S/S version, lightweight and reliable essential item Jacket~
    (3 colors, 66-88)
  • 103.16 USD
  • Best039
    OUA3002 Burnton Color Jacket
  • OUA3002 Burnton Color Jacket

  • (Black label)
    The summer version of [OUA1055 Ildu Color Button Jacket], which was loved a lot ♥

    Guaranteed customer reviews! Summer version of elegant S/SJacket^^
    (1 color, 66-99)
  • 257.61 USD    128.81 USD
  • Best040
    OUA2004 [MADE D] Whituru Maturu Jacket
  • OUA2004 [MADE D] Whituru Maturu Jacket

  • ♥Dedra's own production ♥
    Real-time order rush! This is a self-made jacket that only Dedra shows :D

    Feminine frill point Jacket to enjoy daily
    (5 colors, 66-105)
  • 76.73 USD    54.72 USD
  • Best041
    OUA2014 Rudd Flower Jacket
  • OUA2014 Rudd Flower Jacket

  • Enjoy brightly with flower printing points♡
    A more stylish jacket with a roll-up sleeve design!
    (3 colors, 66-99)
  • 103.16 USD
  • Best042
    OUA2012 Biz Aviation Jacket
  • OUA2012 Biz Aviation Jacket

  • It's very popular~! Stylish with a zipper point!
    It's a nice jacket just by putting on it lightly :D
    (3 colors, 66-130)
  • 87.74 USD
  • Best044
    OUZ2903 Mujilong Southern Jacket
  • OUZ2903 Mujilong Southern Jacket

  • Jacket and shirt at the same time!!
    Plain long southern jacket that can be worn during the season and early summer with a basic design and light fit.
    (4 colors, 66-130)
  • 61.43 USD
  • Best045
    OUA2013 Neville Printing Jacket
  • OUA2013 Neville Printing Jacket

  • Anti-reversal charm with back panel printing♥
    Good quality daily jacket that is easy to wear lightly^^
    (4 colors, 66-120)
  • 83.34 USD    76.73 USD
  • Best046
    VEA2011 Melline C Ring Best
  • VEA2011 Melline C Ring Best

  • Vest to enjoy in a modernistic mood! Unique key point with logo pendant~
    It's a perfect fit without any clutter ♥ It's a lightweight and Neat vest~
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 54.72 USD
  • Best047
    OUZ3018 Marande frill jacket
  • OUZ3018 Marande frill jacket

  • (Black label)
    High Quality Fashionable Jacket! Get the item before it's too late~!!

    It is a jacket that contains special features with a bidding detail
    (2 colors, 66-88)
  • 326.97 USD    72.66 USD
  • Best050
    OUZ3008 Heaven Shirring Zipper Jacket
  • OUZ3008 Heaven Shirring Zipper Jacket
  • (Black label)
    A luxurious jacket that stands out of high quality!

    Chic Jumper you will find casually with a light fit :)
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 147.52 USD    72.66 USD
  • Best054
    OUZ2041 Martini frill jacket
  • OUZ2041 Martini frill jacket

  • The best quality! It item to be worn over and over: D
    lovely Freel SSJacket~ If you miss out on feminine details, I regret it!
    (4 colors, 66-99)
  • 109.76 USD
  • Best055
    VEZ3905 Summer Pocket Vest
  • VEZ3905 Summer Pocket Vest

  • Comfortable yet practical item! There are many orders~
    Vest Cardigan helps to cover the body shape without being burdened with wearing only Basic inners
    (3 colors, 66-99)
  • 21.69 USD
  • Best056
    OUZ3026 Ronin Linen Long Jacket
  • OUZ3026 Ronin Linen Long Jacket

  • (Black label)
    It's a linen jacket with a check pattern full of sophistication :)

    Meet the linen check jacket that you enjoy luxuriously now :)
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 143.12 USD    60.22 USD
  • Best058
    OUA2011 Linde Button Jacket
  • OUA2011 Linde Button Jacket

  • (Black label)
    Jacket with neat stitching for a luxurious feel.♥

    Black label's high quality jacket that looks stylish even if you put it on lightly
    (2 colors, 66-88)
  • 228.33 USD    111.19 USD
  • Best060
    OUA2010 Phonyu Collar Jacket
  • OUA2010 Phonyu Collar Jacket

  • Jacket that protects against hot sun & cold wind with light but solid material!
    Jacket ^^ which is perfect for utilization by adding a rollup design
    (3 colors, 66-100)
  • 87.74 USD
  • Best061
    OUA2009 Tuner Linen Jacket
  • OUA2009 Tuner Linen Jacket

  • Order runaway! It's a basic jacket to be with for a long time without worrying about fashion~!:)
    S/SJacket that is absolutely necessary with a basic design!
    (1 color, 66-110)
  • 87.74 USD    83.34 USD
  • Best064
    OUZ3010 Value Frill Jacket
  • OUZ3010 Value Frill Jacket

  • The mood is up with a lovely neck race style!
    Jacket that pops out with a lovely frill point!
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 83.34 USD
  • Best065
    VEZ3005 Rhodian Double Best
  • VEZ3005 Rhodian Double Best

  • The perfection of fashion is improved with an attractive Chiffon see-through!!
    Chiffon Vest where you can feel the elegance of the sky and sky~
    (1 color, 66-99)
  • 43.71 USD
  • Best066
    VEZ3903 Wrap Button Pointer Vest
  • VEZ3903 Wrap Button Pointer Vest

  • Popular reorder products recognized as deaddra customer reviews!
    Vest that can be enjoyed until summer with a crunchy cool material.
    (3 colors, 66-100)
  • 48.22 USD
  • Best067
    OUA2005 embroidery blending jacket
  • OUA2005 embroidery blending jacket

  • It is a jacket that enhances the quality with a luxurious embroidery design.
    Embroidered lettering puts a modernistic point: D
    (3 colors, 66-88)
  • 87.74 USD
  • Best068
    OUA2003 씨즈닝바바리자켓
  • OUA2003 씨즈닝바바리자켓

  • (Black label)
    Order runaway! Introducing a jacket with a Chic design :)

    It is a pearl point jacket that is good to wear lightly♥
    (2 colors, 66-100)
  • 232.73 USD    105.36 USD
  • Best073
    OUA2006 Senru Half Jacket
  • OUA2006 Senru Half Jacket

  • A stylish jacket that can be worn lightly!
    The sleeve belting design feels a modernistic mood♥
    (3 colors, 66-99)
  • 98.75 USD    92.15 USD
  • Best075
    OUA2001 Codein Color Check Jacket
  • OUA2001 Codein Color Check Jacket

  • Jacket that is lovingly completed with color combination Freel Check~
    It is a jacket for the season with an impressive check point^^
    (2 colors, 66-88)
  • 120.77 USD    65.72 USD
  • Best076
    VEA2001 Tension Good Vest
  • VEA2001 Tension Good Vest

  • All-round Vest with good tension! Until summer!
    Introducing the best to wear lightly:D
    (2 colors, 66-88)
  • 21.69 USD
  • Best077
    OUA1069 Orcheck Color Jacket
  • OUA1069 Orcheck Color Jacket

  • Enjoy feminine with string detail:D
    Introducing a sensuous check color jacket~
    (3 colors, 66-99)
  • 142.79 USD    140.59 USD
    126.53 USD
  • Best078
    OUA1068 embroidered flan jacket
  • OUA1068 embroidered flan jacket

  • I put the point with a sensuous color matching flower patch♡
    It's a nice jacket that you can wear lightly~
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 94.35 USD    87.74 USD
    61.42 USD
  • Best079
    OUA1067 View No Double Button Jacket
  • OUA1067 View No Double Button Jacket

  • (Black label)
    Double jacket with a sense of luxury!

    Silver double button enhances sophistication♥
    (1 color, 66-88)
  • 257.61 USD    109.76 USD
    98.78 USD
  • Best080
    OUA1066 Venria diagonal jacket
  • OUA1066 Venria diagonal jacket

  • (Black label)
    Increased utilization with Rollup design!

    It's a jacket with nice details ♥
    (3 colors, 66-99)
  • 285.58 USD    142.79 USD
    128.51 USD
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