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  • Best03
    PTA2019 U's pleated pants
  • PTA2019 U's pleated pants

  • Trendy baggy fit and Diagonal pleats double the look!
    It's the pants that gave a unique point with Diagonal pleats~
    (5 colors, 66-88)
  • 26.09 USD
    23.48 USD
  • Best04
    PTA2018 Shoning Pleat Pants
  • PTA2018 Shoning Pleat Pants

  • Special key point with beading detail at the hem-★
    Pleats pants are made of a solid material with good elasticity.
    (2 colors, 66-88)
  • 48.11 USD    43.71 USD
    39.34 USD
  • Best05
    PTA2034 Merit pleated pants
  • PTA2034 Merit pleated pants

  • Wear it comfortably all day long with a wide fit^^
    The stiffness is Basic! Softly and comfortably~
    [4Color][Size 66-88][Pleated pants][Wide pants][Waist band]
  • 15.08 USD    10.90 USD
    9.81 USD
  • Best06
    PTZ3077 Fuen pleats pants
  • PTZ3077 Fuen pleats pants

  • As if I was wearing it, as if I wasn't wearing it~I added a trendy look with Easy Pants!
    (5 colors, 66-88)
  • 26.09 USD
    23.48 USD
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