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  • Best044
    YY-SH370 leno slip-on shoes
  • YY-SH370 leno slip-on shoes

  • If you are unsure of the size, order a half size smaller!
    Knit Mesh material has good elasticity and is comfortable ♥
    (3 colors, 230-250)
  • 35.90 USD
  • Best051
    YY-SH348 Tozen Strap Sandal Heel
  • YY-SH348 Tozen Strap Sandal Heel

  • (Natural Cowhide)
    Sandal heels made of Cowhide material that stands out with a sense of luxury!

    Enjoy stylish with twisted strap design♥
    (3 colors, 225-250)
  • 51.90 USD
  • Best052
    YY-SH347 Dunt Height Sneakers
  • YY-SH347 Dunt Height Sneakers

  • 4cm height effect! Enjoy it comfortably^^ I will introduce sneakers that you can enjoy daily♥
    (2 colors, 230-250)
  • 19.90 USD
  • Best054
    YY-SH343 Purea Banding Sneakers
  • YY-SH343 Purea Banding Sneakers

  • Let's be together comfortably no matter the season~^^ Light daily sneakers that are easy to put on and take off!♡
    (5 colors, 230-250)
  • 29.70 USD
  • Best058
    YY-SH331 Reel Basic Modern Hill
  • YY-SH331 Reel Basic Modern Hill

  • 200% collectible value Middle heel with basic color feeling on Basic line~!
    Basic Basic Heel in Basic~ Chic mood with an edgy line^^
    (6 colors, 225-250)
  • 43.70 USD
  • Best066
    YY-SH288 Haren Daily Sleep On
  • YY-SH288 Haren Daily Sleep On

  • (Natural Cowhide)
    It's a luxury slip-on! It's a cowhide slip-on :)
    I'll introduce a slip-on that you can enjoy daily♡
    (3 colors, 225-250)
  • 57.90 USD
  • Best071
    YY-SH251 Bailey cowhide slip-on
  • YY-SH251 Bailey cowhide slip-on

  • Cleaner and simpler! It's a slip-on that stands out for its basic style ^^
    Higher quality with cowhide leather
    (2 colors, 225-250)
  • 57.90 USD
  • Best072
    YY-SH219 City Simple Floafers / Hills
  • YY-SH219 City Simple Floafers / Hills

  • (Natural sheepskin)
    It seems like a line that takes me to a good place~

    Coordination complete with one shoe! SHOES that gently wraps your feet with latex midsoles! Click Now~
    (2 colors, 225-260)
  • 66.00 USD
  • Best073
    [YY-SH215] Real Basic Slip-on
  • [YY-SH215] Real Basic Slip-on

  • Slip-on shoes that are comfortable to wear and comfortable to wear throughout the four seasons.
    (3 colors, 230-250)
  • 55.90 USD
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