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  • Best050
    YY-AC297 Clulayer Necklace
  • YY-AC297 Clulayer Necklace

  • Three designs are good for use as a set!
    Separately and together-! It's a layered necklace with high utilization :)
    (2 colors)
  • 33.14 USD
  • Best078
    [6Y-AC025] Mood Ball real silver necklace
  • [6Y-AC025] Mood Ball real silver necklace

  • Clean, Chic items! I like it!
    It is a simple and feminine point with no real trouble with a real silver ball, and a necklace with high satisfaction through free length adjustment (1 color)
  • 42.37 USD
  • Best079
    [6A-AC032] Overlap rom bus earrings
  • [6A-AC032] Overlap rom bus earrings

  • No allergies! Silver earring ~
    Chic overlap design is stylish, there is no worry of allergies with silver needle, and it is finished with a stone decoration.
  • 31.29 USD
  • Best080
    [6A-AC031] Overlap rom bus necklace
  • [6A-AC031] Overlap rom bus necklace

  • Many orders!
    Chic overlap design is stylish and finish with stone decoration, feminine necklace (1 color) that utilizes Delicate sparkle to save the point
  • 23.91 USD
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