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  • Best03
    YY-SH363 Pearlton Light Shoes
  • YY-SH363 Pearlton Light Shoes

  • Order rush! A pair of shoes that I highly recommend to own! It's so convenient ^^
    A shoe item that can be worn cool all day
    (3 colors, 225-250)
  • 17.50 USD
  • Best04
    YY-SH357 Coke Flower Shoes
  • YY-SH357 Coke Flower Shoes

  • (Natural Cowhide)
    A shoe item made of high-quality Cowhide material with a lovely point!

    Cool fit with punching mesh! Wear and take off comfortably with banding♥
    (2 colors, 225-250)
  • 32.92 USD
  • Best05
    YY-SH364 Flower Punching Slip-On
  • YY-SH364 Flower Punching Slip-On

  • (Natural Cowhide)
    Cool Slip-on Shoes made of natural Cowhide material!

    Comfortable all day long with the back cushion~ Luxuriously with Cowhide~!
    (3 colors, 225-250)
  • 37.32 USD
  • Best06
    YY-SH361 Kmiki Height Slip-On
  • YY-SH361 Kmiki Height Slip-On

  • (Natural Cowhide)
    Quality UP- with luxurious natural Cowhide material!

    Luxurious point with silver beading details♥
    (2 colors, 225-250)
  • 50.53 USD
  • Best07
    YY-SH360 Bayuki Height Slip-On
  • YY-SH360 Bayuki Height Slip-On

  • (Natural Cowhide)
    Quality UP- with luxurious natural Cowhide material!

    5cm Height increase the heel to complete the long and slim line, give it a sun♥
    (3 colors, 225-250)
  • 43.93 USD
  • Best08
    YY-SH347 Dunt Height Sneakers
  • YY-SH347 Dunt Height Sneakers

  • 4cm height effect! Enjoy comfortably^^
    Introducing sneakers that are good for daily enjoyment♥
    (2 colors, 230-250)
  • 20.81 USD
  • Best09
    YY-SH344 Meltin Height Slip-On
  • YY-SH344 Meltin Height Slip-On

  • 4.5cm Height increase the heel to complete the long and slim line, give it a sun♥
    Enjoy daily with a casual mood :)
    (4 colors, 230-250)
  • 39.52 USD
  • Best010
    YY-SH343 Purea Banding Sneakers
  • YY-SH343 Purea Banding Sneakers

  • Please be comfortable together regardless of the season~^^
    Light daily Sneakers that are easy to put on and take off!♡
    (5 colors, 230-250)
  • 26.31 USD
  • Best013
    YY-SH323 Corduroy sneakers
  • YY-SH323 Corduroy sneakers

  • Order runaway as soon as you upload it! Sneakers that you can enjoy comfortably and warmly^^
    Trendy and casual with corduroy fabric-♡
    (4 colors, 230-250)
  • 35.12 USD
    24.58 USD
  • Best015
    YY-SH299 Mate Flower Shoes
  • YY-SH299 Mate Flower Shoes

  • (Natural cowhide)
    Comfortable and luxurious with natural cowhide material!

    Slip-on Shoes- with a lovely color combination flower pattern!
    (2 colors, 225-250)
  • 32.92 USD
  • Best016
    YY-SH288 Haren Daily Sleep On
  • YY-SH288 Haren Daily Sleep On

  • (Natural Cowhide)
    It's a luxury-!Cowhide slip-on :)

    I will introduce slip-ons that are good for daily enjoyment♡
    (3 colors, 225-250)
  • 63.74 USD
  • Best018
    YY-SH251 Bailey cowhide slip-on
  • YY-SH251 Bailey cowhide slip-on

  • (Natural cowhide)
    Simpler, cleaner! It is a slip-on that stands out with basic style^^

    The quality was further enhanced with cow leather
    (2 colors, 225-250)
  • 63.74 USD
  • Best020
    YY-SH239 Shiny cubic slip-on
  • YY-SH239 Shiny cubic slip-on

  • Try to create a casual style full of sophistication ~!
    Shiny Slip-on Shoes that will shine brightly on me! (2 colors, 225-250)
  • 46.13 USD
    32.29 USD
  • Best021
    [YY-SH215] Real Basic Slip-on
  • [YY-SH215] Real Basic Slip-on

  • Slip-on shoes that are comfortable to wear and comfortable to wear throughout the four seasons.
    (3 colors, 230-250)
  • 61.54 USD
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