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  • Best01
    TBA3180 Puchis Dog T-shirt
  • TBA3180 Puchis Dog T-shirt

  • Cap sleeve design for delicate forearm ♥
    Punggi dog T-shirt to spend the summer cool
    (7 colors, 66-99)
  • 10.68 USD
  • Best04
    TBA3123 [MADE D] Fnick T-shirt
  • TBA3123 [MADE D] Fnick T-shirt

  • ♥Dedra's own production ♥
    Orders flooded as soon as it was uploaded! Another Cool T-shirt made by Dedra!

    Stylish with cut-out detail at the bottom
    (4 colors, 66-105)
  • 32.70 USD    27.19 USD
  • Best07
    TBA3142 Coltie Double T-shirt
  • TBA3142 Coltie Double T-shirt

  • Even alone! A T-shirt that can be coordinated in various ways as an inner under an outer!
    It's a comfortable Chic double T-shirt while wearing it ^^
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 26.09 USD
  • Best08
    TBA3152 Toledangaraless T-shirt
  • TBA3152 Toledangaraless T-shirt

  • Dangara T-shirt with an unusual design! I like to enjoy it every day ^^
    Lovely Dangara T-shirt with lace and pearl button points~
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 28.29 USD
  • Best09
    TBA3099 [MADE D] Ponne Linen Color T-shirt
  • TBA3099 [MADE D] Ponne Linen Color T-shirt

  • ♥Dedra's own production ♥
    Real-time orderup! Linen color matching T-shirt made with luxurious quality!

    Basic design with luxurious linen color matching points, charm is UP~
    (5 colors, 66-105)
  • 32.70 USD    27.19 USD
  • Best010
    TBA3151 Howe Printing T-shirt
  • TBA3151 Howe Printing T-shirt

  • White, Black 6/23 storage, sequential delivery!
    I like to enjoy it without burden with a neat fit ^^

    Stylish T-shirt with sensual printing patches and lettering~
    (4 colors, 66-88)
  • 21.69 USD    16.18 USD
  • Best011
    TBA3133 Foren Sleeve Mesh T-shirt
  • TBA3133 Foren Sleeve Mesh T-shirt

  • It's popular! Full of uniqueness with mesh sleeves!
    Enjoy it comfortably all day with its stretchy elasticity :D
    (2 colors, 55-99)
  • 13.21 USD    8.59 USD
  • Best014
    TBZ3466 batum printing T-shirt
  • TBZ3466 batum printing T-shirt

  • A T-shirt with a beautiful fit that falls from the sky ^^
    Stylish with sensual patches and glossy lettering points~
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 32.70 USD
  • Best016
    TBA3127 Mardi Round Knit
  • TBA3127 Mardi Round Knit

  • The design alone gives off a sense of luxury~ :D
    A bright summer knit that does not require accessories ♡
    (4 colors, 66-88)
  • 26.09 USD
  • Best017
    TBA3137 Babe Mesh Short Sleeve T-shirt
  • TBA3137 Babe Mesh Short Sleeve T-shirt

  • Popular up! Value for money! I will introduce a T-shirt with a Chic design ^^
    Stylish by adding charm with mesh points~♥
    (2 colors, 55-99)
  • 13.21 USD    8.59 USD
  • Best018
    TBA3126 Koje 7 Booty Shirt
  • TBA3126 Koje 7 Booty Shirt

  • Popular up! Basic T-shirt you want to own by color ^^
    This is a daily T-shirt with a sleeve length of 7~
    (6 colors, 55-99)
  • 13.21 USD    8.59 USD
  • Best019
    TBA3124 Dut Short Sleeve T-shirt
  • TBA3124 Dut Short Sleeve T-shirt

  • Order rush! The size, fabric, and fit triplet are perfect! Value for money T-shirt♥
    Short-sleeve T-shirt that is good for everyday wear~
    (6 colors, 55-99)
  • 13.21 USD    8.59 USD
  • Best021
    TBA3131 comb round T-shirt
  • TBA3131 comb round T-shirt

  • It's light and cool and I want to wear it over and over again!
    A comfortable T-shirt that can be enjoyed for a long time with a unique pattern that does not go out of fashion!
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 21.80 USD
  • Best022
    TBZ3928 Pole Round T-shirt
  • TBZ3928 Pole Round T-shirt

  • Order rush! It's good to be together for a long time without fashion!~
    Round T-shirt that is neat and stylish! Daily collection each!
    (5 colors, 66-99)
  • 43.71 USD
  • Best023
    TBA3121 Tinkers Printed T-shirt
  • TBA3121 Tinkers Printed T-shirt

  • A T-shirt that stands out with Glamorous Flower Patterns!
    Make your face look bright with Glamorous Patterns design~
    (3 colors, 55-99)
  • 14.86 USD    9.69 USD
  • Best025
    TBA3117 JD Color T-shirt
  • TBA3117 JD Color T-shirt

  • Sexy with mesh detail that is not burdensome~
    The T-shirt that improved the charm with the mesh color scheme~
    (3 colors, 55-99)
  • 20.04 USD    12.99 USD
  • Best026
    TBA3115 Beaurinth Mesh T-shirt
  • TBA3115 Beaurinth Mesh T-shirt

  • It's very popular! If you can't give up style while being neat
    From everyday look to semi-formal look, it can be perfectly coordinated~♡
    (2 colors, 55-99)
  • 13.21 USD    8.59 USD
  • Best034
    TBA3061 Veldo Printing T-shirt
  • TBA3061 Veldo Printing T-shirt

  • A printing T-shirt that is nice to enjoy casually
    Highlight the point with sensuous color combination printing♥
    (4 colors, 66-99)
  • 32.70 USD
  • Best035
    TBA3063 Hemu Check T-Shirt
  • TBA3063 Hemu Check T-Shirt

  • A T-shirt item that gave a point with a check color combination pattern♥
    [4Color][Size 55-88][Wide pants][Back band]
  • 37.10 USD
  • Best038
    TBA3046 Crown cap sleeve T-shirt
  • TBA3046 Crown cap sleeve T-shirt

  • Perfect for daily! It's a T-shirt I want to wear every day^^
    Pretty crown embroidery! Shrug-cover the fat with the cap sleeve!
    (4 colors, 55-88)
  • 21.69 USD
  • Best039
    TBA3048 logo beads T-shirt
  • TBA3048 logo beads T-shirt

  • It is a T-shirt that I recommend to collect by color~!
    Sensuous logo printing ♥ Beads detail!
    (4 colors, 66-99)
  • 30.61 USD    26.09 USD
  • Best040
    TBA3041 Jerry Hot Fix Shirt
  • TBA3041 Jerry Hot Fix Shirt

  • A graceful key point with a soft shiny beading hotfix!
    Special T-shirt with beading detail that feels refined ^^
    (3 colors, 66-99)
  • 28.29 USD    23.89 USD
  • Best041
    TBA3038 Peace Color T-shirt
  • TBA3038 Peace Color T-shirt

  • A stylish T-shirt where every detail becomes a point~!
    T-shirt that gave a point with a unique color block^^
    (3 colors, 66-99)
  • 43.71 USD
  • Best042
    TBA3035 Buying Pattern T-shirt
  • TBA3035 Buying Pattern T-shirt

  • T-shirt that feels feminine and lovely mood^^
    A T-shirt with a sensuous point with a color matching pattern!
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 34.90 USD
  • Best043
    TBA3005 Baryu Round T-shirt
  • TBA3005 Baryu Round T-shirt

  • (Black label)
    Dressy mesh design ^^ Guarantees luxurious quality

    Stylish T-shirt with an elegant sense of color~!
    (2 colors, 55-88)
  • 118.24 USD    59.12 USD
  • Best044
    TBA3032 Rebu Printing T-shirt
  • TBA3032 Rebu Printing T-shirt

  • A T-shirt that contains both comfort and style at the same time! Please enjoy daily^^
    Have fun with color design and printing points!
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 32.70 USD
  • Best045
    TBA3027 Color T-Shirt
  • TBA3027 Color T-Shirt

  • An attractive T-shirt that you will fall in love with the more you wear it!
    It contains special features with a sensational bidding point-♡
    (3 colors, 66-99)
  • 30.17 USD
  • Best047
    TBA3017 three button T-shirt
  • TBA3017 three button T-shirt

  • It is comfortable and has good length with a fit that falls to the A line ^^
    T-shirt with a neat mood~ It is good to wear from now on with a light weight!
    (3 colors, 66-99)
  • 32.81 USD
  • Best048
    TBA3021 [MADE D] Keeper T-shirt
  • TBA3021 [MADE D] Keeper T-shirt

  • ♥Dedra's own production♥
    TBZ4124 Mentor Sergeant T-shirt Summer Version!
    Dedra's reasonable price and high quality T-shirt!

    Only in Dead~! T-shirt dressy with a pintuck line^^
    (3 colors, 66-105)
  • 27.19 USD    23.89 USD
  • Best050
    TBA3006 Gnen Pocket Blouse
  • TBA3006 Gnen Pocket Blouse

  • (Black label)
    With only cool details! Stylish blouse♥

    It's a blouse with a sensuous design unique to black label
    (2 colors, 66-88)
  • 215.12 USD    107.56 USD
  • Best051
    TBA3010 Copyu Color T-shirt
  • TBA3010 Copyu Color T-shirt

  • (Black Label) This is Dead's high qulity black label T-shirt♥
    Introducing a T-shirt that stands out with its unique design~
    (3 colors, 66-88)
  • 109.43 USD    54.72 USD
  • Best052
    TBA2137 Klimflower T-shirt
  • TBA2137 Klimflower T-shirt

  • It is mixed and matched with a light and cool texture until midsummer!
    I put the point with graceful flower printing♡
    (3 colors, 66-99)
  • 32.70 USD
  • Best053
    TBA3008 Bulmabidding T-shirt
  • TBA3008 Bulmabidding T-shirt

  • (Black Label) Black label's sensational design^^ It contains dressy points♥
    Dressy-neck beading line T-shirt as if wearing a necklace!
    (2 colors, 55-88)
  • 127.05 USD    63.52 USD
  • Best054
    TBA2125 Seren Layered T-shirt
  • TBA2125 Seren Layered T-shirt

  • Order runaway! A woman-like mood~ layered T-shirt♥
    Mix two products to complete an easy and chic look!
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 34.90 USD
  • Best056
    KNA3007 Hidden Waffle Knit
  • KNA3007 Hidden Waffle Knit

  • Knit that reveals its own style with a waffle weave!
    I enjoy it comfortably even in summer with a soft touch :)
    (5 colors, ML)
  • 43.71 USD
  • Best057
    KNA3006 Bottom Round Cotton Knit
  • KNA3006 Bottom Round Cotton Knit

  • Pleasant Knit with added antibacterial effect~
    It is a round knit that contains comfort with cotton blend material: D
    (6 colors, ML)
  • 39.30 USD
  • Best058
    TBA3001 Raiden Cotton T-shirt
  • TBA3001 Raiden Cotton T-shirt

  • Please try it on! Made of 100% cotton, you don't have to worry about sensitive skin!
    Stylish Round T-shirt with Neat design~
    (7 colors, 95-105)
  • 30.50 USD
  • Best059
    TBA2133 Big Len Printed T-shirt
  • TBA2133 Big Len Printed T-shirt

  • It is comfortable and stylish to wear with excellent elasticity^^
    I put the point with stylish paisley printing♥
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 34.90 USD
  • Best060
    TBA2131 Blunt Color T-shirt
  • TBA2131 Blunt Color T-shirt

  • It's very popular~! Wearing dead alone! Chic Stripe T-shirt~
    It contains special features with sparkling cubic points :)
    (3 colors, 66-105)
  • 26.09 USD
  • Best061
    TBZ3956 dot sleeve lace shirt
  • TBZ3956 dot sleeve lace shirt

  • Delicate see-through is an attractive T-shirt~!
    T-shirt that makes it subtle and luxurious with the patterns of lace on the sleeves.
    (3 colors, 66-99)
  • 28.40 USD
  • Best063
    TBA3014 Netsdangara Color T-shirt
  • TBA3014 Netsdangara Color T-shirt

  • T-shirt, perfect for outing and daily look^^
    color combination T-shirt that will give you a cheerful image with a Dangara pattern!
    (3 colors, 66-99)
  • 21.69 USD
  • Best068
    TBA2103 Layered Check T-shirt
  • TBA2103 Layered Check T-shirt

  • Stylish with Chiffon layered design~
    T-shirt full of sophistication with color matching check pattern!
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 37.54 USD
  • Best071
    TBA2084 3-Dang Kang Kang Jin Sleeveless
  • TBA2084 3-Dang Kang Kang Jin Sleeveless

  • The day you want to give the key point~ One stone two-joint item!
    Chiffon can be used to live and live ~ Trendy with a mood with a key point~
    (3 colors, 66-99)
  • 28.29 USD
  • Best072
    TBA2088 Eju three-stage T-shirt
  • TBA2088 Eju three-stage T-shirt

  • With a loose fit, it is also good for body cover~! Cool in summer with Cool fabric!
    A T-shirt that gave a trendy point with a sweet color scheme!
    (5 colors, 66-88)
  • 21.69 USD
  • Best074
    TBA2043 Pidet pleats T-shirt
  • TBA2043 Pidet pleats T-shirt

  • Pleats T-shirt with a graceful silhouette^^
    Graceful T-shirt with Dolman silhouette and incision line~
    (6 colors, 66-88)
  • 37.10 USD
  • Best080
    TBA2081 Footprint T-shirt
  • TBA2081 Footprint T-shirt

  • It looks stylish as a key point with a cool lace mesh design!
    T-shirt with key point with sensational printing♡
    (2 colors, 66-99)
  • 37.10 USD
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