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  • Best09
    YY-SC288 Pastel Flower Scarf
  • YY-SC288 Pastel Flower Scarf

  • It is comfortable to wear with cotton material~! Let me give you a cool look in boring outfits ^^
    It's a flower scarf with a lovely color-♥
    (3 colors)
  • 10.90 USD
  • Best015
    YY-AC308 nerble sunglasses
  • YY-AC308 nerble sunglasses

  • Block UV rays this summer and show off in style ^^
    Collectible value UP with uncommon design
    (4 colors)
  • 15.30 USD
  • Best017
    YY-AC309 Lofia Straw Hat
  • YY-AC309 Lofia Straw Hat

  • It's popular! It's a nice straw hat to enjoy coolly ^^
    Velcro design makes it comfortable to wear.
    (7 colors)
  • 28.51 USD
  • Best022
    YY-AC303 Simon Dole Anklet
  • YY-AC303 Simon Dole Anklet

  • 9.25 silver material is full of luxury ♥
    Anklets that will UP the flexibility of your ankles~
    (2 colors)
  • 50.53 USD
  • Best028
    PTA2058 modern knee high leggings
  • PTA2058 modern knee high leggings

  • It's very popular~! Perfect fit by removing the seam inside the thigh!
    High-gauge fabric, luxurious ~ perfect for sportswear and daily look♥
    (4 colors, 55-120)
  • 39.30 USD
  • Best029
    PTA2057 Delinowy Leggings
  • PTA2057 Delinowy Leggings

  • Daily Leggings boasting comfort by removing the Y-line seam!
    Best resilience! I enjoy daily with yoga clothes and sportswear♥
    (4 colors, 55-120)
  • 39.30 USD
  • Best035
    YY-BA054 Heavy Clutch Bag
  • YY-BA054 Heavy Clutch Bag

  • (Natural Cowhide) Full of luxury with Cowhide material!
    Clutch bag with a sensational belting design:)
    (3 colors)
  • 61.54 USD
  • Best038
    YY-SC279 Rohendangara Color Scarf
  • YY-SC279 Rohendangara Color Scarf

  • Order runaway! It goes well with casual and suit, so it's good to use it!
    This is a stripe color combination scarf that will be a chic point:D
    (4 colors)
  • 15.30 USD
  • Best043
    YY-BR077 Ferrose Cubic Brooch
  • YY-BR077 Ferrose Cubic Brooch

  • It is an item that can be matched anywhere with a reasonable size without burden.
    It's a brooch that will be a shiny point♥
    (3 colors)
  • 21.91 USD
  • Best044
    YY-AC297 Clulayer Necklace
  • YY-AC297 Clulayer Necklace

  • Three designs are good for use as a set!
    Separately and together-! It's a layered necklace with high utilization :)
    (2 colors)
  • 39.52 USD
  • Best045
    YY-SC276 Unique Pattern Scarf
  • YY-SC276 Unique Pattern Scarf

  • It's a good size to wear and enjoy spring with a bright pattern.
    It's a scarf that stands out with a sensuous pattern!
    (3 colors)
  • 13.10 USD
  • Best046
    YY-BR076 Muje Pearl Ribbon Brooch
  • YY-BR076 Muje Pearl Ribbon Brooch

  • Lots of orders~! Elegant and lovely~ Please enjoy it as a point on flat clothes^^
    I will introduce a brooch full of femininity♥
    (2 colors)
  • 17.50 USD
  • Best047
    YY-BR074 Ciel Jewelry Square Brooch
  • YY-BR074 Ciel Jewelry Square Brooch

  • It is an item that you can enjoy daily without any burden because it is not large!
    Luxurious square brooch with various jewelry♥
    (2 colors)
  • 17.50 USD
  • Best057
    YY-SC273 Seldi 3-stage color scarf
  • YY-SC273 Seldi 3-stage color scarf

  • Order runaway! It is elegant and feminine with a see-through look chiffon material falling from sky to sky~♥
    Enjoy stylish with an unusual design :)
    (3 colors)
  • 15.30 USD
  • Best068
    [YY-AC078] Deli melange long socks (5 sets)
  • [YY-AC078] Deli melange long socks (5 sets)

  • ♥ 5 piece set special discount ♥
    It is good to wear daily with a natural color feeling~

    Melange material with a Delicate atmosphere except for Black and White colors, ankle sock that is good for daily fashion
    (7 colors)
  • 7.71 USD    6.94 USD
  • Best072
    YY-AC290 Big Size Magic Stocking
  • YY-AC290 Big Size Magic Stocking

  • Complete the magical silhouette! If you try on it, you know it~ The line that holds it firmly
    The moment you wear it, I create a slim line
    (1 color)
  • 13.10 USD
  • Best075
    YY-AC287 Flower Twill Socks
  • YY-AC287 Flower Twill Socks

  • Order runaway! These days, socks are perfect for key points! Please enjoy trendy~^^
    Lovely socks as flower key point-♥
    (5 colors)
  • 1.76 USD
  • Best076
    YY-AC286 Golgi Simple Socks
  • YY-AC286 Golgi Simple Socks

  • Order runaway! The floor is thick, so it's so fluffy! Good for sports socks and climbing socks!
    These are the ribbed socks that you enjoy daily!
    (6 colors)
  • 2.20 USD
  • Best078
    YY-AC284 Check Wool Gloves
  • YY-AC284 Check Wool Gloves

  • Please wear it daily without fashion with a check design!
    A glove item with 70% wool (Wool) material that enhances warmth!
    (4 colors)
  • 21.91 USD
  • Best079
    YY-AC285 Basic Long Socks
  • YY-AC285 Basic Long Socks

  • It's very popular! Socks recommended as daily items and essential items!
    The longer length wraps it warmer!
    (5 colors)
  • 1.98 USD
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