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  • Best02
    TBA3127 Mardi Round Knit
  • TBA3127 Mardi Round Knit

  • The design alone gives off a sense of luxury~ :D
    A bright summer knit that does not require accessories ♡
    (4 colors, 66-88)
  • 26.09 USD
  • Best03
    KNA3008 sun brown knit
  • KNA3008 sun brown knit

  • Introducing s/s Knit, which is easy to wear lightly~!
    Light Summer Knit~ Shows elegant sensibility^^
    (5 colors, 55-77 classes)
  • 23.89 USD
  • Best04
    KNA3007 Hidden Waffle Knit
  • KNA3007 Hidden Waffle Knit

  • Knit that reveals its own style with a waffle weave!
    I enjoy it comfortably even in summer with a soft touch :)
    (5 colors, ML)
  • 43.71 USD
  • Best05
    KNA3006 Bottom Round Cotton Knit
  • KNA3006 Bottom Round Cotton Knit

  • Pleasant Knit with added antibacterial effect~
    It is a round knit that contains comfort with cotton blend material: D
    (6 colors, ML)
  • 39.30 USD
  • Best06
    KNA3005 magenta color knit
  • KNA3005 magenta color knit

  • As soon as you upload it, the response is good^^ More comfortable with deodorant tape-!
    Stripe pattern cara knit that is always loved~
    (6 colors, 95-105)
  • 48.11 USD
  • Best07
    KNA3004 Dimension Round Knit
  • KNA3004 Dimension Round Knit

  • Knit that will be loved steadily with its basic design!
    Round Knit that feels high quality with high-density weaving~
    (7 colors, 90-110)
  • 41.50 USD
  • Best08
    KNA3003 Tizen Basic Knit
  • KNA3003 Tizen Basic Knit

  • Enjoy without fashion with a basic design~
    Highly versatile round knit that can be coordinated in a variety of ways!
    (7 colors, 95-105)
  • 28.29 USD
  • Best09
    KNA3002 Pomelo Knit
  • KNA3002 Pomelo Knit

  • Popularity up~! It's a Chic mood knit with a chic collar neck :)
    Karanit with high-density fabric that feels solid!
    (8 colors, 85-100)
  • 41.50 USD
  • Best010
    KNA3001 Capo two button collar knit
  • KNA3001 Capo two button collar knit

  • It's very popular~! Enjoy everything from formal seats to outings!
    Modernistic mood knit item with Neat Two button design :)
    (5 colors, 95-110)
  • 30.50 USD
  • Best011
    OPA2021 New Ben Knit One Piece
  • OPA2021 New Ben Knit One Piece

  • Hide all the fat, One Piece! Please wear it comfortably and stylishly, regardless of size^^
    Comfortable mood with a warm box fit GOOD~
    (5 colors, 66-88)
  • 37.10 USD
  • Best013
    KNA2001 Loaming Round Knit
  • KNA2001 Loaming Round Knit

  • With cashmere, soft and soft to wear until summer♡
    Round knit from now to summer ^^
    (6 colors, 55-77 classes)
  • 26.09 USD
  • Best014
    KNA1014 Loopen Dangara Knit
  • KNA1014 Loopen Dangara Knit

  • Order runaway! It is good to wear casually and lightly with a tight and solid knit~^^
    It's not a knit because it's the same Dangar! Vivid color and pretty silhouette~
    (4 colors, 66-88)
  • 28.29 USD
    25.46 USD
  • Best015
    TBA1118 Rose Knit T-shirt
  • TBA1118 Rose Knit T-shirt

  • It's a nice knit t-shirt to enjoy daily~!
    Knit T-shirt with sensuous points with mini buttons: D
    (11 colors, 66-77)
  • 26.09 USD
    18.26 USD
  • Best016
    KNA1013 Caron Gold Button Knit
  • KNA1013 Caron Gold Button Knit

  • Knit Cardigan that can be used from outing to office look!
    Cardigan that gave a point with a luxurious gold button~
    (4 colors, 66-99)
  • 37.10 USD
    25.97 USD
  • Best017
    KNA1010 Seal Tube Inect
  • KNA1010 Seal Tube Inect

  • As soon as you upload it, it's popular up! Soft Knit with cashmere blend~^^
    Meet the V-neck Knit you want to own by color♡
    (7 colors, 66-88)
  • 32.70 USD
    29.43 USD
  • Best019
    KNA1001 Signature Round Knit
  • KNA1001 Signature Round Knit

  • Luxurious Knit with both softness and firmness~^^
    A must-have among the must-haves-Cashmere Round Knit!
    (8 colors, 95-110)
  • 26.09 USD
    23.48 USD
  • Best020
    TBZ5223 Twisted collar knit
  • TBZ5223 Twisted collar knit

  • Stylish Kara Knit that can be worn up to big size♡
    A neat Kara Knit with a nice Twiddle texture!
    (5 colors, 66-110)
  • 34.90 USD
    24.43 USD
  • Best021
    KNZ5027 Beckin the Cara Knit
  • KNZ5027 Beckin the Cara Knit

  • ♥Dedra Homme/Dad clothes released♥
    Easy to coordinate with natural and Chic color!
    Comfort with a reason!

    Basic design, one must-have item in your closet :)!
    (4 colors, 100-130)
  • 37.10 USD
  • Best022
    KNZ5034 Forevan Open Goal Knit
  • KNZ5034 Forevan Open Goal Knit

  • Knit to wear every day with a basic design!
    Plus size Knit from 66 to 120♡

    A loose fit Knit with an attractive ribbed line!
    (5 colors, 66-120)
  • 32.70 USD
    22.89 USD
  • Best023
    KNZ5022cm ribbed polarty
  • KNZ5022cm ribbed polarty

  • Order runaway! Plus size knit that cannot be easily met♥
    A must-have item in your closet-! It's a Golgi line polar knit :)
    (3 colors, 55-100)
  • 26.09 USD
    18.26 USD
  • Best024
    KNZ5006 Cut incision round knit
  • KNZ5006 Cut incision round knit

  • You look slimmer with a diagonal line! Knit I want to have by color^^
    Trendy knit with an incision line~Good collectible value!
    (5 colors, 55-88)
  • 34.90 USD
    24.43 USD
  • Best025
    KNZ5005 [MADE D] Board Rebasic Knit
  • KNZ5005 [MADE D] Board Rebasic Knit

  • ♥Dedra's own production♥
    The dead maid Knit you believe in! GOOD as an inner for winter!

    The side details are unique, cozy and warm Knit! Meet the high quality of Dead Maid!
    (6 colors, 66-105)
  • 27.30 USD
  • Best026
    KNZ4002 Raymy Lip Knit
  • KNZ4002 Raymy Lip Knit

  • Knit that is good to collect by color!
    Knit with a feminine mood ~ It looks delicate with the lip line^^
    (7 colors, 55-77 classes)
  • 26.09 USD
    18.26 USD (sold out)
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